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Welcome to Hey Bird! Come in and Explore!
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Princess Snack Bags
Princess Snack Bags
Princess Snack Bags
Princess Snack Bags
Princess Snack Bags
Hey Bird Handmade

Princess Snack Bags

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Start reducing your plastic waste one bag at a time! With this perfect starter set of one sandwich bag and two snack bags, you can stop using plastic bags and start reusing your own awesome bags each day!

With their unique fold over design, these bags are durable without any snaps, velcro, or zippers to wear out. They easily flip open and closed yet keep their contents securely inside. Just flip the fold over - like you would a traditional, disposable baggie - to open and close.

Snack bags measure - Approx 5"x5.5" and hold fruits, veggies, cereal, granola, etc with ease

Sandwich bags measure - Approx 6.5"x7" and easily hold small to medium sized sandwiches (if you enjoy large sandwiches or use very large bread, check out our sandwich wraps that accommodate for all sizes of sandwiches)

This listing is for 1 sandwich bag and 2 snack bags in a princess themed fabric

Bags are washer/dryer AND dishwasher (top rack) safe


•• Made from two layers of food safe, water resistant PUL and serged with a 4 thread overlocking stitch - fun patterns on the outside, white liner on the inside

•• The fabric used for these bags is vegan, SP class VI -the highest level of safety for skin contact and the safest choice for medical devices, AND

**Does not contain lead or heavy metals

**Does not contain BPA

**Does not contain phthalates

**Does not contain PVCs, diisocynates, chlorine, or migratable plasticizers

**Does not contain latex

All items are handmade in a smoke free home studio.

All items are handmade so fabric placement may vary from images shown.

If you are looking for snack bags in other sizes or quantities or have any questions, feel free to contact me!